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>> Cancer Charity Walk – AN 8-DAY CHALLENGE

 Link to Life, The Cancer Support Centre, is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was founded in 2002 in Mauritius, offering unwavering support to people suffering from any type of cancer. In Mauritius, cancer is the third leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Link to Life helps Mauritians on a daily basis to fight cancer through its various therapeutic and psychological services, as well as information and prevention campaigns organized across the island.


To raise funds to fight against cancer and awareness of this scourge, Link to Life and a couple of inveterate walkers, Ruby and Dave, are organizing a charity walk around Mauritius from 19 to 26 August, 2022. The Cancer Charity Walk is an 8-day challenge which aims to help cancer patients (adults) to benefit from the free transport service provided by Link to Life so that they can continue and complete their cancer treatment in hospital seamlessly. Mauritians will be able to follow the cancer charity walk on social and other media platforms which will be covering this event.

Please donate on the platform www.crowdfund.mu to support us in this honourable and humanitarian venture.

CANCER CHARITY WALK (crowdfund.mu)
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Who are Ruby and Dave?

Ruby, of Mauritian origin (from Surinam), and Dave, of English origin (from Sheffield), have been living and working in Spain for over 30 years. Both are sports addicts: running marathons, hiking, climbing mountains and brisk walking; they have participated in various sporting activities recognized worldwide.

  Purpose of this walk?

Ruby and Dave were marked by the death of their mothers, one from colon cancer and the other from stomach cancer, respectively. They decided to help the NGO Link to Life, The Cancer Support Centre, because of its representing a cause with which they identify. They aim to help cancer patients, especially those who have difficulty making ends meet to undergo their treatment in hospital.

  Why did they choose Link to Life?

Ruby and Dave were impressed by the noble fight that Link to Life has been engaged in since 2002. The couple are willing to go the extra mile to help to raise funds for cancer patients through this Cancer Charity Walk.