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How does it work?

Cervarix is a vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is a sexually-transmitted infection that can cause genital warts, pre-cancerous abnormalities of cells in the female genitals (cervix or vulva) and cervical cancer. The vaccine works by provoking the body's immune response to this virus, without actually causing HPV infection or any of the diseases.

What is it used for?

Prevention of the following diseases caused by the human papilloma viruses (HPV):

  • pre-cancerous abnormalities of cells in the cervix.
  • Cervical cancer.

How is it given?

The vaccine is given by injection into the muscle of the upper arm. Three doses are needed. The second dose is given one month after the first and the third dose six months after the first dose.

Link to Life has started its first vaccine in February 2013 up to year 2015 with girls from vulnerable groups age 11 to 17. With the collaboration of Caritas, Soroptimist, Terre de Paix & JCI Curepipe 300 girls age 11 to 17 has benefited from Free Cervarix Vaccination. The Ministry of Health & Quality of Life has noted the success regarding this project and finally the government has implemented this project.